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Zero to Looking Hot in 60 minutes…a day

Really, there’s no way around it…you must watch what you eat and exercise! Period. The trick is finding a way to enjoy eating healthy and working out…then just sticking to it!

You may find modivation from the outside world, like, wanting to look like that celebrity or getting back to an ex-lover, but my personal expericence has taught me that those superficial motivations tend to be short lived and by default you end up giving up on your desire to keep with the program that you started with such hopes.

I’ve started (yet, again), a new health program. I have a goal to look and feel a certain way…now…my responsibility is to just get up early in the mornings to workout and to keep a healthy diet..which include drinking more water and holding back on snacks! That’s right, I said it SNACKS!! GONE!

…so…my goal is to look and feel hot…aside from eating healthy, I’ll be working out every day for approximatly 60 mins…wish me luck